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The Castle Alumni/Community Association was founded as a charitable and educational organization to support James B. Castle High School, Samuel Wilder King Intermediate School, and the elementary schools in the Castle complex. Your support for these schools can come in the form of donations and membership fees to the Association.

Section 3.1 Members.
The membership of the Association shall be open to all individuals and organizations who support the purposes of this Association. Alumni, former students, parents of students or former students, faculty and staff of James B. Castle High School are encouraged to become members of the Association.

Section 3.2 Admission.
Membership shall be granted upon receipt of one or more contributions to the Association. The Executive Board shall determine the terms of membership. Following initial membership of $20 per member (unless waived by the Executive Board), annual membership dues are not required. Initial membership dues for Castle High School alumni whose class graduated within five (5) years shall be TEN dollars ($10.00).

One of our goals is to provide a perpetual fund to aid the schools in the way of scholarships and grants.

You can assist the schools with donations by way of the Castle Alumni/Community Association. One time donations are appreciated and recurring pledges to donate are even better!

You can become a member right now by completing this Membership Form.

Some donors prefer to mail a donation check to the Association rather than donate online. To do so, please see the link at the bottom of the page for the form and mailing address.

Membership Registration Form

Membership Registration Form

Castle Alumni/Community Association Membership Form
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To mail a donation check to the Association rather than donate online, please download the membership form below and mail it with your check to the following address:

Castle Alumni/Community Association
P.O. Box 4432
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

To download a donation form to mail in, click this link:

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